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Systems Training for Clergy

This is an annual program that runs the third Thursday of every month from September to May. 

Ministry doesn’t have to be quite so lonely and challenging.  As you lead through this complicated time:

Are you worn down by a bewildering set of expectations, sometimes contradictory?

Do you feel like you can’t get a moment for yourself? Or, are you feeling isolated and longing for a real connection?

Do you wonder how to best lead and manage your congregation and staff through all this?

Are you uncertain about how your church will navigate the future–and what’s your responsibility for that?

Skills Development And Relationship Management For Emerging Leaders

In conjunction with Leadership Coaching, Inc. 

This online course teaches high-impact leadership principles, strategies, and skills in a confidential, challenging format.

A practical approach enables motivated leaders to build self awareness, competence, and confidence as keystones for healthy cultures and relationships.

In-course coaching addresses the specific, real-life challenges of participants. Each leader also benefits from supervised coaching practice and feedback.

Please Note: A qualifying conversation with the program leaders is required prior to registration.

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What Clients Say
Working with Jake, I’ve gained strategies for bringing out the best in others while staying anchored to the best of myself.

Sadie Lansdale

Greensboro, NC

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