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Ministry doesn’t have to be quite so lonely and challenging.   As you lead through this complicated time:

Are you worn down by a bewildering set of expectations, sometimes contradictory?

Do you feel like you can’t get a moment for yourself? Or, are you feeling isolated and longing for a real connection?

Do you wonder how to best lead and manage your congregation and staff through all this?

Are you uncertain about how your church will navigate the future–and what’s your responsibility for that?

  • Get clearer about what you want in ministry and life and how to get it

  • Handle the tough relationships with greater ease, and build more positive connections with others

  • Be a little less anxious in an anxious time

  • Overall, find greater ease and impact in your life and ministry

      Third Thursdays, September-May 


  • Meet for 2-½ hours once a month from September through May, including presentations on applying systems theory to ministry, and small groups.

  • Small groups are made up of 4-6 experienced ministers, vetted through an application process

  • Monthly individual coaching sessions to help you apply your learning in your ministry context


Margaret Marcuson

Margaret Marcuson, who studied with Edwin Friedman, has been on the faculty of Leadership in Ministry for over twenty years. An ordained American Baptist minister with long experience in the parish, Margaret is a noted clergy coach and the author of two books, Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry and Money and Your Ministry: Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance.

“I feel more settled into my role and my congregation and I have more clarity about my vision for the ministry of the church. I know leading through change is not easy but I feel equipped to meet the challenges along the way. Margaret Marcuson offers a structured, compassionate environment to process the greatest challenges of ministry. She models the best in clergy coaching, while also inviting the wisdom of the whole group to be shared. I left every session feeling supported, encouraged by colleagues, and better equipped to meet the challenges of ministry.

– Laura Harris-Adam, pastor of faith formation, First Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN

Jake Morrill

Jake Morrill is the founder of Generation to Generation Leadership Coaching and is on the faculty of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family (Washington DC) and the Bowen Theory Education Center (Chattanooga TN). A longtime lead minister and licensed marital and family therapist, Jake is the author of five books, the next of which, on healthy boundaries, the most recent of which, on sustaining healthy boundaries, was published in April, 2022.


“Working with Jake has helped me be the minister I’ve been wanting to be. His playfulness, his good questions, his wise perspective have all been part of what has been so valuable to me.” 

– Anonymous

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