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Jake Morrill

Founder, Lead Coach

Since starting a neighborhood lawn-mowing business at age 11, Jake has been fascinated by the impact of relationships on work. He researches and teaches about emotional maturity and relationship management; he coaches leaders toward greater strength and resilience in their work cultures and families. 


He has practiced leadership in a wide range of contexts--from starting and leading a multi-racial youth leadership program in his twenties for students from 27 schools in Cape Town, South Africa, to leading three non-profits through change processes in the United States. In 19 years as Lead Minister, Jake helped transform a fractured congregation into a lively, cohesive force for alleviating homelessness and bridging differences in the wider community. As a Chaplain (Captain) in the U.S. Army Reserve, he was recognized for meritorious service in challenging circumstances. He has served on national and local Boards. He has led community-wide initiatives and coached small, high-performing teams. All the while, what’s brought him the most joy has been coaching others to lead and serve with conviction, composure, and courage.


Jake’s formal education and training includes degrees from Harvard Divinity School, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and licensure as a marriage and family therapist in the State of Tennessee. 


He’s on the faculty of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, where he co-teaches a course applying family systems theory to organizational leadership. He’s also on the faculty of the Bowen Theory Education Center.


Jake has presented widely and published five books. Rockridge Press published the most recent one—on maintaining healthy boundaries, at work and at home.


He and his wife Molly love life in East Tennessee, raising two teenagers and hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

Colleen Maillie


Colleen Maillie, M.Div., began her studies of Family Systems Theory in 2006 during her 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education at The University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. 


In 2010, Colleen began her formal studies of Family Systems Theory through the Post-Graduate Program at The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in Washington, D.C., completing two years of study. She is currently President of The Bowen Theory Education Center in Chattanooga where she also serves as a guest lecturer.

With a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, Colleen served in congregational ministry and chaplaincy for 8 years before taking up work in executive search. She is the second-generation owner of a family business herself, and brings that perspective to her work with clients in family businesses. To learn more about Colleen, check out

Sasha Lightfoot

Executive Administrator

Sasha Lightfoot, a financial bookkeeping and process improvement specialist, holds a diverse background of experience in banking, property management, education, and nonprofit organizations, making her a key strategic partner in any small business. With over 25 years of experience, her attention to detail and ability to identify discrepancies in records and policies has assisted numerous organizations in streamlining processes to achieve compliance and, in turn, proficiency and profitability. 


Having acquired invaluable experience and skills in process improvement and financial management in multiple arenas, Sasha is excited to assist her diverse clients in developing ideal business practices and sound financial management. She is skilled at seeing the big picture for an organization and being able to develop processes and plans to successfully achieve their goals.

Madison Boyce

Administrative Assistant

Madison has been working administration and operations for Generation to Generation Leadership Coaching since the start of 2022. She also works as an Executive Assistant for a Venture Capital firm in New York City. Prior to these positions, Madison managed a non-alcoholic bar in downtown Manhattan as well as worked operations at a local yoga studio. Madison received her Bachelor's degree in Music Education with a concentration in early childhood education and classical piano performance from NYU in 2019.

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What Clients Say
Working with Jake, I’ve gained strategies for bringing out the best in others while staying anchored to the best of myself.

Sadie Lansdale

Greensboro, NC

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